Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cecil the lion.

 Cecil the lion was a 13 year old lion living in the Hwange national park Zimbabwe.  Cecil was shot by Walter Palmer, an American dentist in June 2015 using a bow and arrow.
 Now while I'm not a fan of hunting and I probably wouldn't go for a pint with Mr Palmer I must admit some surprise at the outpouring on hatred and vilification against Mr Palmer.  It is claimed that the lion was shot on private property and that the guide had the proper permit (although there is some doubt over that) if that's true then the lion was legally killed.
 Perhaps the bit that surprises me the most is that it's the Americans who seem most upset, this from a country where hunting is a national sport. Evey hunting season the woods are full of men dressed like Rambo shooting deer, elk bears and each other with monotonous regularity, indeed anything that moves is fair game. So why one of their own killing an old lion should cause such a fuss is beyond me.
 The people who should be most upset are Oxford university, they've been studing Cecil for some time via a tracking collar.  Back to square one guys.

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