Sunday, August 9, 2015

Computers... WTF!

 I have a computer I use for photo editing, it's used virtually every day, indeed it's not turned off, it lives in standby mode when it's not in use.  Yes I know standby is supposed to be burning a hole in the ozone layer and murdering polar bears, but then polar bears have done bugger all for me, so sod 'em!
 Anyway, this evening I hit the return key to restore life to my editing computer and guess what, the bloody mouse has stopped working.  Why? it's done fuck all since yesterday, it's been asleep, but now it's just decided it can't be arsed to work.
 Well unlike British Leyland in the 1970's I don't put up with striking mouses?, meeces?, mice's?, what's the bloody plural of mice?  Anyway I don't put up with it, so before the bastard get a brazier going by the gate and starts writing some placards I hit it with a bloody hammer, job done.  Bastard computers.......

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