Saturday, August 15, 2015

British police in Spain

 Why someone thought is was a good idea to send two bobbies to Spain baffles me.  For one Britain and Spain constantly argue about Gibraltar, and only last week there was a massive fuss over Spanish police entering British waters off there.
 To make it worse the two officers sent to help cut down bad behaviour by British tourists have been working the day shift, despite all the trouble being in the evenings.  This isn't helped by the same force claiming they are so short of officers they won't respond to burglaries of odd numbered houses.
 The other day the two officers were photographed swiming in the sea relaxing, remember officers this week  refused to go into the water to help a drowing teenager because of health and safety, yet it's fine for them to go swiming on a strange beach....  You couldn't make this up could you....

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