Thursday, August 6, 2015

Haunted Highway faking it? see the pics and decide.

 Haunted Highway (syfy) is a so called paranormal investigation program, trouble is they seem to be faking it.  The still shots shown here are from series 2 episode 4 and are from the Donner party investigation, now I haven't had time to go through the other episodes to see what other "fakes" I can find are but the footage from the thermal camera is faked (as can be seen here).

The first shot from the thermal camera shows a figure shape.

Here the figure shape has faded out.

Now heres the same shot showing the area thats been cloned over the figure (red area on the left copied to the red area on the right. Also you can see the ground doesn't line up properly in the area they copied over.

Now compare the two areas side by side. They are too similar to be coincidence, while not totally identical they are screen caps from video so the frames will vary as they are from different frames of the video.  Note however the shape of various parts and the shapes and tones of the coloured patterns, they are the same area copied over.

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