Friday, August 28, 2015

Communication breakdown !

 Yet again I.m having trouble contacting people!  Honestly you'd swear I was in the middle of Death Valley in a deep hole for all the trouble I have getting in touch with people.
  Now to be fair I'm not really a nuisance on the phone, I'm not one of these bored people who phones all his friends every day to pass the time, and then stays on for hours, I tend to phone someone to find out something, what time we're meeting?, do you need milk from the shop?, are you still on fire?, that sort of thing. But I have one friend and my God she's hard to get hold of on the phone!  I'd try a medium but even God wouldn't be able to get an answer.
 Seriously it'd be easier to get ISIS to stop killing people and pop around the local nursing home to bake muffins for the old dears than to get this person on the phone.  You've heard of tickling trout?  Well tickling alligators is easier that phoning this person.   Man on Mars, piece of piss compared to getting Shirley on the phone.  I'm honestly considering carrier pigeons.....  

 Note to Shirley.  a mobile phone is A  MOBILE and B a PHONE, it only bloody works if you have it with you and answer it!!!!

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