Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some news this week.

 At Shoreham airshow a Hawker Hunter crashed onto a busy road killing seven people.  The Hawker Hunter introduced in 1951 as a fighter and later a fighter bomber ground attack aircraft, when new it was capable of over 700 mph.  at the time of the crash the aircraft was taking part in an aerobatic display and apparently came out of a loop too low hitting the ground.
 It questionable whether old aircraft should be "stunting" over a built up area, airshow protocol prohibits the aircraft from flying over the crowd, so why they are then allowed to do the same manovers of a road and houses is a bit odd.

 Valery Spiridonov has received some funding towards having his head transplanted onto another body (yet to be obtained)  Surgeon Sergio Canavero is planning on being the one carrying out the operation in 2017.  This isn't going to end well at all.

Julie Mott 25 has had her body stolen (no connection with the above story) from a funeral home in Texas. There were no signs of forced entry and no alarms were set off at the home, the funeral home owner Dick Tips claims anti cremation groups may be behind the theft.  From reading the whole story this sounds a bit like it may be an inside job, theres more to come from this story I suspect!

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