Saturday, August 8, 2015

I think the worlds gone mad

 Well what a week.

 A young man died in a 6 foot deep canal when the 8 or so police officers watching refused to enter the water to save him, one did wade after the man had been under water for around 5 minutes but it was too little too late. They even stopped passers by from going to help.  The canal was dangerous and "health and safety!" were the reasons given.  Strangely locals had rescued a number of people from the same area of the canal before.
 Oh, and by the way the laughingly called fire and rescue service left a woman to die in a 50 ft deep hole because it wasn't a structure, and their hand book says they can only rescue people from structures. Bloody crazy situations....

 The channel tunnel when launched in 1994 was claimed to be secure, foxes with rabies couldn't get through due to electric grids and security measures.  Strange then that an illegal immigrant could walk through the 31 miles unhurt and largely undetected.... I winder how many rabid foxes have come through then?.

 My builders turned up again yesterday to replace the outside light they broke carrying out work on the house.  "They'll be there between 8 and 9.30 sharp"  I was told, at 10 I phoned to find out where the electrical was. At 10.30 the man I phoned turned up to apologise, "he's be here in 5 minutes he said"  At roughly 11.30 the electrical turned up, looked in the hall and said "wheres the switch"  They took it out when they removed the light and the wire to work on the house I explained, "Oh, then I can't fit a new one" he said and went.  So half another day wasted on dopey workers who can't be arsed to do a job properly.

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