Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poundshop head torch

My mate bought a head torch the other week for an evening photo shoot, so I thought I'd review it here.
The torch takes 3 AA batteries and has 9 leds, it's quite big and boxy and has no different power settings, just on or off.  It feels cheap and nasty (well it was only 99 pence) and I suspect it wouldn't take a lot of rough use, it's also not waterproof, although I suspect a shower probably wouldn't do much harm.
 It gives a long powerfull beam with a weak-ish side spread, theres plenty of light to find your way about at night, and the weaker side spread means you can use the dimmer spread light for close up work without blinding yourself.
 The elastic headband is terrible, flimsey and way too tight for my big head, that said it's easily changed for a bit of stronger elastic.
 Verdict  For the price it's really good value, yes it's poor quality and I wouldn't take it caving, but for walking the dog at night or to keep in the car for emergencies you can't go wrong, remember this cost under a pound!  Just a little dearer that a mars bar or a snickers bar, and to be fair it throws a lot of light a good way, buy a few and keep them around the house for power cuts or in the car for when things go tits up.  You know it makes sense Rodney......  Lovely Jubbly!!!

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