Friday, August 7, 2015

George Cole (Arthur Daley) Died this week

 Dear old George Cole died this week aged 90.  
 George probably best remembered from his role as Arthur Daley it the TV series Minder (114 episodes) and as Flash Harry in the original St Trinians films.  George started acting at the age of 15 in the film cottage to let 1941 with Alaster Sims.  George served with the RAF for his national service.  During a long acting career George acted in dozens of film and TV series, more recently including several episode of the series heartbeat.  George was to have been in the film Road rage but filming delays meant the movie was put back and hadn't started filming yet.
 I don't know what dear old George Cole is doing in heaven, but I suspect Arthur Daley is smoking a cigar, sipping a large VAT, and trying to sell St Peter some dodgy Bulgarian video recorders.
 God bess George cole.

George Cole (right) and Dennis Waterman (left) in Minder.

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