Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When will the killing end?

 This week after another senseless death surely someone somewhere in America must be asking when will it end.
 Following on from the shooting of nine members of a church, we have a man shot dead after "letting go" an employee, the aggrieved man got his gun, shot the boss dead and drove off in the company van.
 Now I do understand the "American way" and the right to bear arms, part of the second amendment of the constitution, but it seems like it's long overdue for some common sense to come into play here.

 Lets look at the theory.  The right to keep and bear arms is protected by the second amendment, written on December 15 1791.  Now the world has changed a lot in the two hundred and twenty four years since then, yet they stick blindly to allowing pretty much anybody even mentally ill people to buy and carry assault rifles.

 The argument goes if I have a gun I can protect myself from the nutter with a gun, sadly that's far from the truth. Anyone with actual combat experience will tell you the chances of you being able to react fast enough when confronted with an armed aggressor and draw and fire (and actually hit the target) needs constant practice and alertness to work.  Test have shown many times that without regular high stress training the shooter tends to react far too slowly to get a shot off and worse often hits the wrong person in the ensuing chaos.

 To expect an average person who shoots a target every few months to react and hit a real live aggressor when they are going about their normal daily routine and not even expecting trouble is living in fantasy island.  Remember the aggressor has the advantage of already having the gun out.
( and it's different shooting a real person knowing your taking a human life)

So come on America, lets see some common sense, stop the sale of assault weapons (normal people don't need and shouldn't have them) lets ensure the mental unstable don't have them. Make it harder to get them than buying a joint of beef. 

 It might be worth keeping in mind your arming a possible enemy with every gun sold. Think of the damage a few ISIS or Al Qaeda supporters armed to the teeth with assault rifles could do.

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