Sunday, June 14, 2015

Technology, why is it all so crap?

 Technology, why is it all so crap?  Seriously though it is.
 Today I phoned a friend, or tried, now I'm phoning someone about 3 miles away, the mobile kept dropping out altogether, and even the house phone had terrible crackling.  46 years ago NASA managed to talk to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, thats around 240.000 miles away, yet all these years later I'm struggling to talk to some one 80.000 time closer, so no improvement there then.
 Then we have tills.  In the old day you picked up your tin of cat food, you took it to a till, the woman said thats 9p you gave her the money, she pressed some buttons and a big "ching" noise happened, the till opened she gave you your change and you went home to feed the cat.  Now you pick up your tin of cat food take it to a till a woman tries to scan it, then types in the bar code (about 30 numbers) manually then the till opens (no ching this time) she gives you your change after asking you if you need a bag, do you need help packing a single tin, do you know there3p a litre off petrol and God knows what else. Then you wait while the till prints out about 3 foot of paper receipts, one, a foot long gives you 2p off your next shop.  The bloody receipt cost 2p to print for heavens sake. 
 Does it really need 3 foot of paper for a tin of cat food or a mars bar?
 Then we have cars.  I remember cars that had spark plugs, points and a carburetter,  you could take out a plug and clean it. You could clean the contact in the points to get you home (or change it yourself on the road if you had a spare) and you could clean the jet in the carburetter, again all would get you home.  Now a man who looks suspiciously like Stephen Hawking uses a Cray super computer connected to your car to tell you that you have an error code 1J77DE, this means a team of men in space suits will spend a week fixing what replaced your carburetter and charge you a million pounds, and it'll probably go wrong again in 3 days.  And of course it can't be fixed on the side of the road anymore.
 Indeed if you open the bonnet and look inside you'll be baffled, even dear old Scotty would look puzzled, and he fixed a starship every week.
 No we haven't come forward at all, we've moved backwards, we rely on all this tech crap all the time, if the power goes out it'll all come to an end.  And if you need a tin of cat food you'd better home that good old fashioned shop with the "ching" till is still about, because the new fangled shit ain't going to work.  Might be best to just shoot Tiddles now and save the messing about later when it all goes tit's up!

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