Monday, June 15, 2015

Well done BBC!

 Yes well done BBC (Britons Biggest Cash-cow)  It take skill to spend £230.000 of licence payers money on tea, I dread to think how much they spent on biscuits!
 Less than half the licence fee is spent on actually making programs, time to cut the licence fee in half then. Better still scrap it and make the racist excuse for a tv channel pay it's way like all the other channels.  I say racist because it is. Anywhere in the world I can watch BBC programs without paying the beebs licence fee, yet because I live in Britain I have to pay one, so discrimination on grounds of location.  The funny part is they think they are so pc correct.
 Another thing, it's claimed that you only need a licence to watch "live" tv, well none of it is live, even live outside broadcasts have a 6-8 second delay, thats done so they can cut the progam if something nasty happens before it's seen on screen.

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