Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patrick Macnee died today

 Daniel Patrick Macnee died today aged 93.  Patrick appeared in a number of films, including Hamlet (1948) Les Girls with Gene Kelly (1957) and the Battle of the River Plate to name a few.  Patrick is best remembered though as John Steed in the Avengers tv series (1961- 1969)  returning to the role in the New Avengers in 1976. 
He was always the typical English gentleman, suave, polite, and immaculately dressed.  His trade mark bowler and brolly set him as a city gent.
After the Avengers Patrick went on to star in A View to Kill, The Sea Wolves, and many other films and many tv programs, including even a Twilight Zone episode.
Even at the end Patrick had the last laugh, his death is said to have been from natural causes, a play on words in the Avengers where a natural cause death was never so.

Goodbye Patrick, you'll always be a gentleman to me.

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