Friday, June 5, 2015

National Geographic drain the Bermuda triangle

 National Geographic drain the Bermuda triangle. Frankly after watching it I'd rather watch Raise the Titanic, and that was crap!
 Well done Nat Geo, another hour of my life wasted. You managed to make a whole hour program about draining the Bermuda triangle with only about 2 minutes of actual "drained" graphics, and 1.40 of that was the same tide going out bit about 10 times.
 What you actually did was make a boring program with a dramatic "film announcer" voice, lots of shots of men staring into the distance, men staring at computers, men telling us where lost ships and planes were, only to be proved wrong, and lots of old newspaper cuttings.
 For a start most of the disappearances in the so called Bermuda triangle have been proved to be not mysteries at all. Most disappeared in bad weather (which the area is famous for) others were in poor condition before they left.

 Please rename your program  "Assorted clips vaguely related to the Bermuda triangle, with dramatic voice over"  A far better and more accurate title

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