Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers day

 Today is fathers day here in the UK. Both my sons remembered, and while one is away the other spent the day with me, and a lovely day it was too!
 A nice walk in the Gower in warm sunshine, an attempted cliff climb, we got up about up 80 foot until the rock got too dodgy and a big piece came away in my hand, so it was back down then, safety first!
 Then on the way back we spotted the M4 motorway on stop and dodged getting stuck in the massive jam, it did mean coming back through Morriston.....but then theres a Joe's ice cream parlour in Morriston... My God the double scoop is freaking huge!  Yum Yum.
 All in all a lovely day.  Thanks lads.

My son and I on the cliff top in a selfie.

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