Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The world gets crazier by the day!

 A man who threw a biscuit at another man was charged with actual bodily harm, two children doing "wheelies" who bumped into each other was recorded as assault. This madness is in response to a crackdown on not recording trivial offences.

 WRAP (waste resource action program) which spends £65 million a year now advises people to put recycling bins in the bathroom to recycle more shampoo bottles and toilet rolls. Maybe recycling the £65 million and closing a body that gives daft advise would be a better bet, most bathroom haven't got much spare space for a fleet of recycling bins.  Or how about renaming the body campaign recycling action program? CRAP makes so much more sense!

 Dylan Roof who shot nine members of a church looks set for an interesting trial, it seems the judge first said he was the victim and now says that although he wants the death sentence the state has run out the lethal injection and can't buy any more (why not?).  To add to the situation police then treated Dylan to a Burger King meal.... This being America the burger king "happy meal" toy is possibly a machine gun.  The final sentence should be interesting.

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