Friday, June 12, 2015

Kajaki 2014 (film review)

 Kajaki is a war film with a difference, theres not a shot fired.
 Based on a true story of an incident that happened in Afghanistan at the Kajaki dam on the 5th September 2006.
 The film revolves around a small group of men who go on a patrol and stumble into a minefields left over from the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 - Feb 1989.  They start taking casualties and it's the dealing with the casualties and effecting their rescue that is the films main story.
 Not for the squeamish and contains bad language the film is a surprisingly accurate representation of soldiers in a combat zone, the kit is about right, as is the way the soldiers react with each other, even the joking at each others injuries,
 I found it a little slow and personally I would have liked more action in the first half.

Waynes rating 7/10

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