Monday, June 1, 2015

Britain's got talent 2015, and a controversial ending.

 Britain's got talent 2015, and a controversial ending. It seems a magician with a lemon with a hole in got beaten in the final by a dog with stunt double.
 Jules and Matisse a dog act wowed the audience with a police routine, what wasn't shown though was that the dog who walked across a tightrope (two sticks) was a different dog to the one doing the rest of the routine, they used a stunt double.  All of a sudden it's not as clever as you thought it was.
 While Jamie Raven had the panel baffled by his note in a lemon trick, sadly he didn't have anybody else fooled, you could see the pre made hole in the bottom of the lemon that he used to slip the note in.
 So BGT ended with a poor magician, and a dodgy (or should that be doggy?) dog act.
 Britain hasn't got a lot of talent if this is the best they could find.

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