Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Public transport and the people who use it.

 On Saturday we used the bus to go to Swansea airshow, now the car would have been simpler and easier, but at £15 to park and I was feeling rough the bus seemed the easiest option. I could just sit back and be wafted to my destination without the stress of the traffic jam, and truth be told I was getting short of funds and didn't have £15 spare for parking (we did see one car park for £10 )
 Sadly what I hadn't factored in was A. the bus station had moved all the stops around so we had a job finding the stop to catch the bus back home from and  B. more importantly I'd forgotten about the sort of people you get on a bus these days.
 Yep you guessed it, within five minutes of sitting down the nutter found me, for a change though she couldn't get close to me but sat next to Shirley who was sitting next to me (so only one person away) it all started well with the nutter and Shirley chatting away normally.  Then after a few minutes the nutter kicked off, she got up and started shouting things like " I'll get my mum to come here and she'll sort you out".  All quite aggressive but just shouting at no one in particular.  After a few minutes she shut up, then shortly after security turned up and they started to talk to her and she started again.
 Now frankly at this point the police should have been called, she was clearly causing a disturbance and behaviour lightly to cause a breach of the peace, plus other public order offences.  One of the security guards seemed to know her which suggested she does this often.
 Now I know it's care in the community, and that people with mental health issues have to get back into society, but lets face it some of these people are a danger to the public.  It would be interesting to ask the opinion of Sally Hodkin from Bexelyheath, but she was hacked to death by a person with mental health issues with a stolen knife.  Or we could ask Naudel Turner, but she was stabbed by another person with mental health problems, theres been many many others too.
 And thats the trouble, you never know when one of these people are going to pull a knife or gun, thats why the police should have been called.

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