Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bloody builders!

 The other night I came close to murdering my next door neighbours, and taking a lump hammer to the community centre.
 Perhaps I should explain. After getting home late in the evening, and being very very tired I tried to go to sleep. The trouble was my neighbours (normally very nice and quiet) were outside on the front door drinking and chatting. Once in bed the trouble started, a "knock, knock, knock on the wall. It sounded like someone chucking a ball at the wall.  I shouted at my son, but it wasn't him (he thought it was me) at that point things took a turn for the worst, the bugler alarm on the community centre joined in.  And did so for twenty minutes out of every forty five minutes all bloody night!
 By about 0330 I was ready to gut and kill my neighbours, who had gone in a long time ago (not long after the alarm started ringing) and would cheerfully have knocked down the whole community centre with said lump hammer, sadly I haven't got one!
 In the end I went to sleep in the back room downstairs with earplugs in, but ended up with about two hours sleep at best.
 Next morning my son informs me he figured out what the knocking sound was last night, the builders have moved some wires and left one loose, it's a big thick cable and was knocking on the wall in the wind.
 My neighbours were innocent all along.  But it shows how desperate some people get with lack of sleep, I was looking on eBay for grenade launchers......

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