Tuesday, July 28, 2015

And in the news this week...

 The US have developed an anti drone canon shell.   Now a few points. First the US government are probably the biggest user of drones so this may be a bad idea as others will copy it, secondly your ship mounted anti aircraft system (much bigger with huge radar) couldn't tell the difference between an F16 and an Airbus, how exactly this small vehicle mounted system will be able to tell a drone from say a piper cub (or an airbus) is open to doubt.
Probably best not to fly from any airport near one of these canons.

Global warming numties are saying the sea levels are going to rise 60 feet when the Arctic sea ice melts, and because it'll dilute the ocean it won't refreeze.  Errr for scientists your not very good are you, first of all it's sea ice, it's floating on the sea, it's already displacing it's own volume of water so if and when it melts the sea wont rise, secondly it's sea ice (did I mention that) it's frozen salt water not fresh water, now I'll admit some of the salt is forced out when it freezes but thats going into the water near bye anyway so it's not actually diluting anything.  The final "issue" is it's not actually melting, in 2013 (the latest report I can find) sea ice increased 41%, that's a lot of extra ice, far from melting it's getting bigger.

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