Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In the news this week

 The metropolitan police are making a big fuss about their own new SAS style officers for combating terrorists.... Good idea but it's not new, they have had them for years.  Originally named D6, then D11, then it changed to PT17, more recently it changed again to SO19, and is now called CO19.  Yes the training has got better but since PT 17 they were trained and used for hostage rescue etc.

 Well yesterday I was a proper hot sunny day, and of course offical panic set in.  Check your elderly neighbours we're told. Don't leave your dog in a car the same temperature as an oven we're told. Stay hydrated we're told. Wear factor 1.000.000 suncream we're told. (where was that in Nigasaki?}  Wear a hat, we're told.  Keep children in a dark airtight room we're told.... No hang on the last bits not quite right....  No, it was keep children out of the sun. Yes thats was it!.    Yes the nanny state went into burnout.

 On some beaches lifguards went round offering suncream to beach goes, why not ice cream?
 The problem is it's all a huge waste of time and money, you see the normal sensible people do these things anyway, and the morons simply ignore the advice

 Somehow all those years ago I spent the whole of my summer hollidays virtually living on the beach (6+ weeks} without all this advise,and couriously I'm still here.  My parents must have been sensible then... Yes common sense was a wonderful thing, I wonder what happened to it.......

 Well if you like tennis your in for a treat. If like me you don't your screwed!  The BBC {britain biggest cash-cow) has switched to Wimbleton mode, that means all our licence money is now being spent on champers and strawberries for the 17 million people the BBC laughingly calls an outside broadcast unit!  Seriously they probably have more people there than general public.  To add insult to wallet injury the entire BBC tv is now bloody Wimbleton fixated, we have Wimbleton weather forcast, fuck the licence payers who don't live in Wimbleton and want their weather.  We have Wimbleton news, we're fighting a war on terror and the high point of the news is ball pressure.  Then the programs... well there as some after about 18 hours of grunting overpaid idiots in shorts at... Yes you guessed it.. Bloody Wimbleton.

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