Saturday, July 25, 2015

Movie theatre shooting.

 John Houser killed himself after opening fire in a movie theatre this week, it's not the first either, in 2012 a similar shooting occurred in Aurora Colorado.  Americas answer?  Better security at movie theatres, seriously thats what they are looking at.
 It never seems to occur to Americans that letting mentally unstable people buy guns in the first place is a bad idea, or that letting anyone buy an Uzi along with a packet of biscuits and a tin of cat food in a local store might be a bad idea without a lot more checks. Oh no, let's let everyone have half a dozen assault rifles, after all you never know when 87 year old Mr Jones an ex teacher is going to need to assault an Al Qaeda or ISIS stronghold. 
 Lets face it it's bloody unlikely My Jones is going to be doing that, and for home defence a good pump 12 gauge is pretty hard to beat, just cycling the action tends to worry would be attackers, that lovely "snick snick "sound, and makes much more sense, you can go duck hunting with that too.
 So expect to see a poster something like this in a US movie theatre soon...... Well it is the USA and it is run by the NRA.

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