Sunday, July 12, 2015

More sort of global warming news ???

Well we've have had global warming rammed down our throats for years, the latest is anybody who denies that warming is taking place is a conspiracy nut.  Some would say if global warming is real why are the experts so worried about people saying it isn't? After all they'll be proved wrong sooner or later (or right).
 But now it seems the sun is going to sleep for 20 years or so, so it'll get colder, so cold the Thames may freeze over, as it did in the 1500-1700's.
 Now the big question is if it's going to get a lot colder how the hell is it going to get warmer.  Lets face it the earth hasn't really warmed up for 17 years anyway, so I really can't see how it's going to suffer global warming and get colder at the same time. I wish these dozy idiots would make their bloody minds up.

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