Friday, July 24, 2015

Pressure 2015 (film review) Possible spoiler alert!!!

 "A group of men are trapped in a small pod on the sea bed, after diving down to fix an oil pipeline and becoming separated from their ship" IMDb


Danny Huston as Engle

Matthew Goode as Mitchell

Joe Cole as Jones

Alan McKenna  as Hurst

The 4 men are deep sea diver (saturation divers) They work from a diving bell, sent down in a storm to 650 feet to fix an oil pipeline they get trapped on the sea bed. Can they be pulled up or rescued before the air runs out?  Watch the film and find out.

The movie starts well with action more or less from the beginning, then after they get trapped it slows up to more a psychological drama.  The acting was quite good and the sets/special effects were up to the usual standard with no obvious blunders (until near the end) I wont give the ending away but I'll give you a clue saturation divers work under great pressure, to surface they have to decompress slowly on the way up. The longer they are under pressure the longer the decompression time is, a deep dive can easily need 24 hours or longer to decompress, thats why saturation divers live in the diving bell, they stay under sea bed pressure sometimes for weeks, they are are brought back to surface pressure when the work is over, sometimes over days.

Waynes rating 6/10

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