Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 I've just wasted five minutes of my dwindling life trying to spray myself with deodorant, why five minutes?  Simple!. The bloody spray can has a safety catch, and not just any old safety catch, a hidden one.
 Now why a can of under arm deodorant needs a safety catch is a bigger question, I mean yes an AK47 should have a safety catch, and one of those buttons that launch air to air missiles needs a safety catch, but bloody under arm deodorant?  Why?  How dangerous is this stuff?
 I have nuclear strength oven cleaner in the kitchen, that hasn't got a safety catch and that will burn your eye's and lungs to a cinder in seconds.  I have fly spray, bloody lethal if your a bluebottle, but that doesn't have a safety catch either, and by God it make me cough if I use a lot of the stuff (no wonder it kills the bluebottles!)
 Yet something supposedly designed to spray on the human body, and presumably tested on poor long suffering bunnies is so dodgy it needs a secret hidden safety catch.  Fuck it!,  I'll just smell in future it's safer!

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