Friday, December 18, 2015

What do people expect from a job?

 Over the years I've seen people expect strange thins from a job, this week it was a man who catches fair dodgers on the London underground.  He caught a chap for dodging his fair and was promptly battered senseless. Now we all know he shouldn't have to be attacked at work, but the bit that got me was just how surprised he was about it.
 Lets be honest catching people dodging paying has to have an element of risk about it, so why be surprised when it happens?  I'm just surprised it doesn't happen every day.

 Then there was the policeman who got really annoyed about yobs shouting abuse at him during a street row "I don't expect to be treated like he says" (or something like that)  He's a bloody cop on duty, if he can't take a bit of verbal abuse he's in the wrong job isn't he. Did he really become a policeman expecting everybody he met to be nice?

 Then we the paramedics and police and sadly now the fire and rescue people (used to be the fire service) now refusing to go in and help people because there's some risk or other.
 Really? What the bloody hell did they think those jobs entailed? Mending muffins?  Sticking plasters on fluffy cushions?  Putting out very small fires in ash trays? No you silly sods, of course theres a risk, thats exactly the reason your there, to help, if there wasn't a problem they wouldn't have bloody called you would they.
 Having the police fire and ambulance standing there taking selfies while you burn to death must be a great comfort.

 Sadly I'm old enough to remember when these people did those jobs to serve and help their communities. Not because it was a "safe" job.

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