Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Isn't it strange how things just vanish?

 I don't know if your house is like mine, but by heck doesn't stuff just vanish.  Take for example my old army water bottles.  Each bottle comes with a plastic mug on the top, theres also a metal mug that's designed for heating food. Now the metal mug is pretty much the same shape as the plastic, but you can burn your mouth if the teas hot. Can I find the mugs off my water bottles.... No I bloody can't
 My plates are disappearing... Now I do know where they are going, my sons bedroom, but can I get them back... No!
 Then I spent an hour this morning trying to find a small pouch thing that goes on my belt and carries a large field dressing. Now I do admit I haven't needed to use the thing in years, but after the Paris attack the odds of needing a large dressing seem a lot more of a possibility. And as these things are made to treat a gunshot it occurred to me it just might come in handy.
 Yes, ok my dozy part of the world probably isn't high on ISIS target list, but I have really bad luck, so sod it I'm carrying the bastard...... Now where the bloody hell is that tourniquet......

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