Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weather is getting me down

 I don't know what the weathers like in your part of the world but in my bit of South Wales it's pretty crap, my neighbour has nearly finished building his ark   (how did Noah see where he was going?... Flood light of course) and to be honest I thinking of buying a bloody boat myself.
  Now as far as flooding goes I'm one of the lucky one's, I'm too high up to ever really get flooded,but I do feel sorry for those who have been hit, some more than once I'm hearing.
 The problem for me isn't just the rain it's the dark dank grimness of the days, some days I feel like I'm north of the Aortic circle in the the long Polar winter, it's hardly getting light some days.  And that's just bloody depressing if you ask me.  Maybe winter should come with some Prozac or something.
 So if you live in a nice sunny place like Arizona, or Bondi beach and fancy living in a dark, wet, gloomy shit hole give me a shout, maybe we can swoop....   Yes I know, I'm not holding my breath....

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