Saturday, December 12, 2015

Teen killed using a "hover board" (balanceboard)

 Nawaf Al-Tuwayan age 15 was killed after he fell off his so called hover board and was hit by a bus in North London this week.
 Why they are called hover boards when the don't hover is just a small part of the problem with these stupid dangerous devices.  Far bigger problem is unless you have a long drive or private land you can't use them.
 It's an offence under 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride them on the pavement in Wales or England, and an offence under UK law to ride them on the road as they are not approved or crash tested for road use, and they fail constructions and use regulations for lighting etc..
 Add in the fact that something like 88% of the ones tested (15.000) were found to be defective, and a known fire risk and you have the Christmas present from hell.
 So if you love and care about your children/grandchildren/the kid next door, etc, don't buy them a death trap... Please.

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