Saturday, December 5, 2015

Computers... Grrrrrrr!

 I was clearing out some temporary files the other day and I still had my headphones on from watching youtube, and every time I left clicked on something it made a click in the headphones.....Why for fucks sake?  I'm pressing the bloody  right click, why does stupid Windoze (I spell it this way) need to tell me I'm pressing a button!  I know, I just pressed it.
 Then we come to deleting a folder.  Hover over the folder and Windoze says this folder in emprty (it knows it's empty) then when I go to delete the folder it says do you want to delete this folder and contents, what contents? 3 seconds ago you told me it was empty!   I though goldfish are supposed to have a short memorys not bloody computers, if it cant remember 3 seconds how bad can a computer be. FFS!!!!!!!!!!

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