Saturday, December 5, 2015

Swansea police need a wake up call !

 It's a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas in the centre of Swansea city, the Christmas market is in full swing and the centre is heaving with Christmas shoppers.... How many armed police did I see?   Well none to be exact, and that was over several hours in the middle of the day!. 
 Keep in mind Swansea has a huge immigrant population and as Wales second city could be easily considered a target for a terror attack.  So no armed police for the terrorists to worry about... Actually no bloody police at all, not even the council wardens who used to be about, no the only protection Swansea has are a few down and outs drunk and in shop doorways. 
 Honestly if baffles me, don't the police take any threats seriously?  We've heard of the terrible attack in Paris, God help the people of Swansea if the bad guys try something similar, they could have a field day until someone gets around to waking up Swansea sleeping policeman.... Or are all Swanseas police guarding the people of London? It wouldn't surprise me to be honest.

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