Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas and TV

 Doesn't Christmas really mess up telly.  Most of the series I follow all stopped about 2 bloody weeks ago for Christmas. Why?.  It's not as if they have Christmas off, the series are filmed months in advance anyway so they are off over the holiday period.
 If your following a series and theres a 4 week break you tend to forget whats happened a bit, and your more lightly to miss it when it comes back on because your routine has changed because you didn't watch so and so every Wednesday for the last few weeks, so you did something else.
American series seem to be the worst but I notice some British series are doing the same.
 Come on TV people, I know it's Christmas but I'd still like to watch normal TV, you really haven't got to show utter crap for 2 weeks, honestly you haven't!

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