Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Childrens buggies

 What happened to children's buggies/pushchairs?  Twice in the last week I've been on a bus with them and it's bloody silly. Yes I know mothers have to take their children out, fair enough, but why are the buggies so big?
 They never used to be this size, and they used to simply fold up and go in your seat, the ones I've seen recently are the size of a VW beetle, honestly two of these on the bus and two mums take up eight seats, how can that make any sense.
 Yesterday I got on a bus with the usual eight seats missing and I honestly had a job to squeeze between the two buggies to get to a seat, indeed the driver of the bus couldn't see the passengers stand up to get off and drove past their stop. This is dangerous.  Seriously it really is, if the aisle is being obstructed and there's an emergency we have to get past these monstrosities.

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