Monday, May 19, 2014

Well done prison service, another blunder!

This time Arnold Pickering 44 a convicted murderer has gone on the run from yet another prison, this time from day release.  I don't quite get the day release bit, I thought the idea of being in prison in the first place is to take them off the street and stop them re offending?   So the point of letting them out defeats that.
Pickering (who killed a blind man) is on the run, even worse!  it's the fourth time he's done it.  Yes it's the fourth time he's done a runner from day release.  So what madman let him go out the second, third and fourh time?  This person is putting the public at risk, time to jail these idiots for letting prisoners out I think.... then again theres not a lot of point jailing them if your only going to let them back out 2 weeks later to run away.  How bloody stupid is this system!

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