Friday, May 30, 2014

Ultrafire Cree Q5 self defence torch (review)

To be honest this wasn't what I was expecting, it was a fair bit bigger.  I (wrongly)assumed the torch was a longer version of one of the ones I tested recently,  It isn't it's a totally different beast.
The torch is about 12 inch's long collapsed  and a little over 16 inch's  extended, by a bit over an inch thick.
I did wonder how a longer version of the torch I was expecting would be sturdy enough to take the rough and tumble, I mean they are fine for all normal jobs, but fighting a ninja?    I needn't have worried, this one feels plenty solid enough for fending off the odd wild dog (or ninja) or giving some protection against a knife attack.
The torch has 3 modes, full,  half, and strobe, sadly it defaults back to full power after being turned off rather than staying in the mode you last used.  It has a solid ring and swivel for attaching to a belt or sling, and mine came with the 18650 battery and charger, plus the triple A battery holder, handy if your away from base and can't recharge the main battery.
The extending part is activated by turning the head end and sliding it forward, you then turn it back to lock it out, it also locks anyware along the extended part so you can set it any length between 12-16 inch's
The only real fault (apart for the mode issue) is that when extended you only get a spotlihght, not the flood setting you get in the closed position.
I haven't tested it in the dark yet but it gives a good light, I suspect plenty for finding your way around at night.
For under £7 from Ebay it's good value, might be handy kept in the car or taken out if you walk the dog and night.
For the photo it's compared to a 2 D cell maglite for size comparrison

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Waynes world of blog! said...

I forgeot to mention the power output, it's claimed to be 700 lumens, and compared to a 300 lumen torch the claimed 700 looks about right, it's a lot bit brighter than the 300 lumen.
It's claimed to be UK legal to carry, but I'd advise caution, almost anything used as a threat can lead to it being an offencive weapon. So use common sense.