Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cree Q5 300 lm flashlight (review)

The torch only arrived today so I haven't had a lot of time to test it out but here's a brief review.
The cree Q5 300 lm is about 3.5 inches long and weighs a few ounces.  It feels quite sturdy and has a positive tail cap button for on and off, theres no other modes with this model.  The torch has a sliding 'focus' bulb end which gives from a good spread to a fairly narrow spot, although curiously it's a square spot.
The supplier claims it's 300 lumen's, I've no way of testing that but for a small pocket size torch it does give a good light, plenty bright enough to find your way around at night, or look for something you dropped behind the fridge.
It also has a strong looking pocket clip.
The torch uses the somewhat unusual rechargeable battery 14500, or fortunately for me any standard AA battery
I plan on carrying the torch as a back-p to my much brighter multi mode Refarkta (reviewed in January), although I suspect it'll get used as a always carry torch due to it's smaller size.
For under a £5 from Ebay it's damm good value in my opinion

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Waynes world of blog! said...

I tried the torch out in total darkness last night, it's actually brighter than I first thought. Because you can focus the beam it throws a useful sized spot 40-50 meters, bloody good for a small torch on a single AA battery.
Plenty bright enough to find your way down off a mountain or something.
Well impressed for under a fiver!