Friday, May 16, 2014

Health and safety.

I spent an hour or so yesterday on a health and safety course (to do with a project I'm working on)  
Now while we do genuinely need health and safety (it does save lives) there is a problem in that the health and safety stuff has gone over the top, partly by the bureaucrats with nothing proper to do.
I'm all for proper stuff that saves live, harness's if your working high etc.  But some of the stuff in properly bonkers. 

For example;  take a wedding photographer (something close to home for me) now if he takes the wedding group into the registry office car park for photos, something very common,  they really should all be wearing hi-vis jackets for safety.  Not going to go well with the bride for a start!  

On top of that it seems the photographer needs safety boots and a hard hat (as well as the hi-vis)  Now a hard hat is really difficult to wear while using a camera (the peak gets in the way)    And secondly I wonder whats going to fall on the photographer?  I mean fair enough if your working under scaffolding or something, but in a car park where people walk all day long without all this stuff?  Madness!

Then we come to the camera bag, it has to be picked up with both hands, remember bend your knees not your back.... but then you have a camera with a great big lens in one hand.. so how that going to work, Ahhh put the camera down and pick up the bag... Bugger now I have to put the bag down to pick up the camera... ohhh sod it! The bride and groom have just walked off!    Get the point.

Yet couriously it's seems it's fine for a church to lit like a 13th century cobblers cottage, and have narrow twisty downright bloody dangerious stairs, and as for dunking a baby in the FONT!!!  what no life jacket?, no safety diver?.Not even arm bands for the poor little devil.  How in the hell do they get away with it???

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