Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bottles of pop (soda)

What is it with bottles of pop (soda) these days, I often buy the large size 2 or 3 liter bottles, but they are getting harder to open, at first I thought it was just me getting older, but it dawned on me it s not me, it's the bloody bottles.
I'm a big burly bloke if I'm seriously considering getting the pliers out to open the bloody bottles how the hell are little old ladies with arthritis supposed to do it.  I mean do the bottles really need to be sealed so tightly? They are only going on the supermarket shelves and a shooping bag, it's not as if they have to survive a trip the the bottom of the Marianas trench for heavens sake.
Strange all those years ago we managed without oxy-acetylene cutting torches to open them and we still drank our pop, and in those day children could open the bottles too.  Now a mountain gorrilla would struggle.

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