Friday, May 23, 2014

Some people just don't want to make money!

A mate of mine is starting a new business up, part of his business needed a venue in certain areas, a small room will do for about a dozen people with tea and coffee, thats for about three hours once or twice a month.
You wouldn'y believe how hard it is to find someone willing to do it. He tried a fair size pub in the ideal location, the staff were happy to do it, no problem, he was offering good money. £100 for three hours in a quiet pub (which has a spare room unused) then the manager decided it was too much trouble, oh they'd have to put the heating on for three hours (it wasn't on when he went there) everything was too much trouble. Madness, pubs are dying out due to lack of customers, heres someone offering money for bugger all really. Lets face it the staff are on minimum wage, tea and coffee costs a couple of quid, even the heating doesn't cost that much, the pub would have been on about £60-£70 quid profit for opening the doors and boiling the kettle. Bloody barking mad to turn it down if you ask me.

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