Friday, November 11, 2016

Well done builders... didn't think ahead as usual!

 My drain blocked again today, it gets blocked about this time of year due to the leaves, I've got grill things but they don't work due to the sheer volume of leaves where I live.
 This means every year I have to go out the back, pull up the top grill and poke my arm down the drain about two foot to clear the leaves from the bottom....  That was until this year...
 You see last year the builders made my house bigger by adding about 6 inches of insulation over all the walls, this mean moving the downpipes and the sink outlet pipes.  No problem you'd think, peace of piss for a plumber.  Sadly he must have been off the day they did mine.
 What they actually did was put all three pipes (sink, overflow and down pipe) all right down the 6 inch square drain hole in the floor, this means I could hardly get my fingers in the hole to start with, never mind get the grill out.  Fuckwits! 
 Did it not occur to you that with the wall sticking out over the drain it was hard enough to get access to it in the first place, what was supposed to happen if the drain blocked, and lets face it to do block.  How the bloody hell are you supposed to get a hose down it to flush it through or get an arm down to clean it.  Twats!
 So is my drain still blocked... No, we just cut off the bottom of the fucking pipes, but they could have made life easier with a bit of common sense.  After all why does the pipe need to go right down the drain?  Water flows downhill anyway by a thing called GRAVITY, which I discovered one day when an apple fell on my head in a pub beer garden. 

(ok a bloke called Isaac Newton found it before me, and before him another bloke called Galileo Galilee had looked at the theory, and before him another chap called Aristotle had thought of it) BUT  I FUCKING DISCOVERED IT HURTS WHEN THE APPLE HITS YOU AND YOUR MATE FALLS ABOUT LAUGHING. OK!

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