Saturday, November 12, 2016

Robert Vaughn died this week

 Actor Robert Vaughn died this week.  Vaughn probably best remembered for his role as Napoleon Solo in the man from UNCLE tv series.
 His first acting job was in a tv series called Medic in November 1955, from there he had a huge acting career, which included the man from uncle, the magnificent seven 1960),  Bullet (1968) The bridge at remagen (1969)  The towering inferno (1974) Demon seed (1977) Brass target (1978) Hanger 18 (1980) and too many more to mention.
 As well as the man from uncle he stared as Harry Rule in the protectors,and more recently as Albert Stroller in the Hustle, along with hundred of other tv appearances..
 I was a big fan of the man from Uncle series in my younger days, you will be missed Robert.

Robert Vaughn in the man from UNCLE

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