Friday, November 18, 2016

The Apprentice... Fixed? shock horror... bollocks more like...

 Apparently anti social media is awash with the shock suspicions that the Apprentice is fixed...   This claim is backed by the "evidence" that the contestants are seen wearing coats and scarves when they get the taxi home after being sacked....
 Fact, the show isn't fixed in that sense.  Yes Lord Sugar probably has a bloody good idea which one of two or three of the candidates will make a possible business partner, lets face it half of them are non-starters even by my standards, and Lord Sugars seen their business plans which gives him an even better idea.
 The "evidence" doesn't stand up though.  You see the segment with the candidates getting a taxi home is filmed all in one day at the very beginning of the series, the coats and scarves are to hide what the candidate is wearing, thats to avoid any continuity problems later on, such as the candidate wearing a red shirt and blue tie the day they get sacked, but having a green shirt and pink tie the day the taxi sequence is filmed.
 Not only is this well known, even Lord Sugar himself mentions it in his book of the series. He's also said the show is never scripted, they did try it at the beginning of the very first series, but he told them, he's a business man, not an actor.

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