Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Council wasting money again!

 In their insulated world my local council have decided that the car park near me, which has only just finished being revamped at a cost of thousands, needs disabled parking bays. 
 Why they didn't do this when the lined the car park a few weeks ago is anybodies guess, but now the white lining company are burning off the new lines to paint in the disabled bays.
 A good thing I hear you say!  Well yes, it would be if anybody actually took any notice of the disabled parking bays in the first place.  Sadly every lazy arsehole in the area (about 90%) will simply park in them anyway, thats except the ones too lazy to drive into the car park so they park on the yellow lines, or even the roundabout (another 5%)
This means the bigger bays mean less space for the disabled drivers who now have less space in the car park to park at all.
 Money wasted you idiots, maybe if you had a warden checking that people parked in them were disabled it might just make it worth the money.

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