Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lots of foxes about.

 This year I've seen more foxes than I've seen in my whole life I think. Honestly I've never seen so many about the place, and they are getting more confident.
 Years ago if you saw a fox you'd think, "oh that was nice, I was lucky to see that" Now I'm seeing them every day, even in broad daylight (why is there no narrow daylight?)  I'm even seeing packs of them (4 together)
 Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon I played chicken with one.  Ok it's not the sort of chicken foxes eat, that would be a silly game to play with a fox.  This was the chicken where you both drive head on to each other, the difference being neither I or the fox were driving.
 I was walking one way and the fox the other (head on) we got to about five foot apart before the fox broke and turned off to my left into the bushes.  This in bright sunlight in a fairly busy place.

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