Monday, September 5, 2016

Virgin tv parental filter... PITA!

 Virgin tv parental filter, what a royal pain in the arse!  I don't have anyone under 18 in my house so I don't need a parental filter on my telly, even I don't watch the "dodgy" channels, theres no children here and not much chance of any being here either, so the odd's of one being alone in my house is NIL!
 Not only can't you turn the bugger off it's bloody daft as well, fair enough password protect the porn channels (actually I've just had a look and I don't seem to have any adult channels which makes this even dafter) but it blocks ANY program after 9.00 o-clock on any channel.
 So as far as Virgin is concerned the Phil Sivers show (Bilco) Last of the Summer Wine, Red Dwarf and loads of other harmless shows are all X-rated, how bloody stupid is that.

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