Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Big Bang returns series 10

This week Big Bang Theory returned with series 10.  I've watched the first episode and frankly I wasn't impressed.  To be honest I think it's run it's course, the same tired old jokes, the same over the top Sheldon... Lets be honest NOBODY could live with him in the real world, you'd end up thumping him one day (probably the second day) 
 I have enjoyed the series but it's time for a rest now, it's getting too silly.
 In this episode Howard gets a call from the air force to meet him, but they won't tell him what it's about and he gets worried about it, well if they did that to me I'd tell them to fuck off then and ring me back when they can tell me and put the phone down. it's just not how real people operate.

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