Sunday, September 4, 2016

EDC torch review TrustFire R5-A3

 This is another of the budget EDC (everyday carry) torches.
 Trustfire R5-A3  (around £8)
  The torch isn't as small as the other torches I've reviewed recently, this in no keyring light, it's plenty small enough to go in a pocket though.
 It has 3 modes,
Low 100 Lm so about as bright as the other torches I've mentioned in thise series on full power, more than enough for finding your way about at night.
High 230 Lm, this is pretty bright, again it's a lot from a still small-ish torch.
Strobe 230Lm, I mentioned in an earlier post about a more useful strobe feature, this is it, as I'll explain below. It runs off a single AA battery and the claimed run time on full is 60 minutes
 The torch is a push button in the base to operate, so no twisting the head for on off etc, the beam from this has a much more pronounced "hot spot" this means it'll throw the light a lot further (not counting the zoom head cree) while still having enough spill to see the edges of the path, low branches etc.  The really HUGE advantage of this torch is it has a memory, it stays in the last used mode, this means you can leave it in strobe and just click the button for the self defence effect of the strobe.
Pros easy to obtain batteries (and will run off rechargeable) not too big, gives a really good light.
Cons, too big for a keyring and frankly the pocket clip isn't fit to use, flimsy doesn't come close, it's like a bent paper clip.

The torch with a AA battery for comparrison

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