Friday, September 9, 2016

EDC torch review which is best???

Top to bottom

AA battery

Olight i3E eos mono

Thrunite Ti3

Police 3w

Cree ultrafire Q5

Trustfire R5-A3

 Ok so which is best, Which would I keep?
 If I could only have any one of these torches I'd go for the Thrunite Ti3.  Yes it's the dearest, but it's got 3 modes, it's well made and waterproof, run time on low power 12 Lm is over 6 hours but it's still bright enough to move around cross country at night, and high power gives a ton of light, if only for about a half hour, and best of al it's small enough to go on your keys and forget until things go tits up and you need a light

If I could have two, I'd have the Thrunite above and the Trustfire R5-A3, despite being cheaper this gives a heck of a lot of light on full power 230 Lm and low power 100 Lm is still enough to get around at night easily, plus it's got the very handy memory function and a decent strobe.

If your after a single pocket torch rather than a keyring, I'd recomend the Trustfire

The Olight comes a very close second place as a keyring light and to be honest it was only the extra modes of the Thrunite that got it first place, if the Olight had had the same modes I dont think I could have chosen between them.

Best value for money, easy!  The Cree Q5.  These are cheap as chips on Ebay, and they give a really good light, the 3 modes have the advantage of the extra run time on low (and it's pretty good on high) they seem sturdy, as I mentioned mines been in my pocket for over 2 years and used pretty much everyday.  If your on a really tight budget this is the one to go for, and it's the only one with a zoom function which is actually really handy.

Worse buy?  well that would be the Police 3w, yes it's the cheapest and it does work. but I'd pay the extra £1 and have the cree all day long, it's miles brighter for that extra quid.

Ok so which will I be keeping..  well the Thrunite is going back on my house keys, the Olight is going on my car keys, and the Trustfire is going in my coat pocket.  Thats me sorted for lighting...

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