Friday, September 9, 2016

EDC torch review police 3w

EDC torch review police 3w. (price see below)

 This is the last of the current series of budget EDC (every day carry ) torches.

 This is a generic brand Chinese made "cheapo" torch.  It's sold as a 3w police torch... It's not, I've got a proper 3w torch and this isn't close, this is less than 1w.  Compared to a reputable brand torch I make this about 10 Lm, I've no way of converting that to Watts sadly, but trust me 3w it aint! That said run time should be around 10-12 hours? a 12 Lm torch with a AAA (smaller battery) is good for over 6 hours.  The beam is more of a spot with some spread.
  It's quite light and works off a single AA battery (all the torches in this series are either AA or AAA, thats because they are cheap and easy to obtain)  It has no modes and has a tail cap button for on or off.  It wont tail stand because the button is slightly proud of the bottom.
 Now 10Lm isn't a lot, but it is enough to find your way around at night, fix a fuse etc. Ok you wont be lighting up the hills, but remember this is a budget small pocket torch.  It does come with a loop for attaching to say your keys but in my opinion it's just a bit big for that.

Pros , cheap, in fact it was £1.10 (under $2) and that included postage from China, how the hell they do it I don't know. It uses an easy to obtain battery and is pretty well idiot proof.
Cons, not a huge output.

Shown here with a AA battery for size comparison

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